Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss can be treated effectively if the cause of hair problems is found out. Consult a hair specialist who will assess the condition of your hair follicle and your scalp. He will find out the cause of hair problems by understanding your diet, medical conditions and hereditary conditions. Based on these conditions he will suggest suitable treatment to alleviate your hair problems.

Women in their middle ages can experience thinning of hair due to a thyroid disease. Experts say that hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can cause hormonal imbalances and generate different unpleasant symptoms, with hair loss often being the most noticeable of them all.

Common treatments of hair loss are:

  • Vitamins and protein supplements
  • Food rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Massage therapy
  • Laser therapy
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce menopausal symptoms
  • Control hormonal imbalance

Vitamins and protein supplements

If your diet does not involve a good amount of vitamins and protein, then it is better to have vitamin and protein supplement tablets. These tablets will alleviate vitamin and protein deficiency which if not treated will lead to hair problems. Proper intake of these tablets will help you save your hair from problems and reduce bad hair conditions.

Food rich in vitamins and minerals

Non vegetarians are advised to have roast beef, chicken breast and vegetarians can add bananas, cereals and potatoes to their diet. A good amount of folic acid is found in chickpeas, collard greens, papaya, cooked asparagus and boiled lentils. You must develop healthy eating habits and have food rich in vitamin B6 and other proteins.

Massage therapy

Such therapies stimulate hair growth. This further stimulates your scalp and brings about good hair growth. It can be more effective when you get the massages done by experts.

Laser therapy

Nourish your hair root with the aid of laser therapy. Such laser therapy facilitates the growth of hair and strengthens hair follicle.

Reduce stress

You can control stress with the help of breathing exercise and meditation. Yoga also helps you relax and gain control over your emotional and physical stress. When your mind and soul is relaxed there cannot be any problems.

Reduce menopausal symptoms

Menopause in women is the common cause for hair loss. Medications for menopause will help reduce your hair problems too.

Control hormonal imbalance

Consult your doctor and reduce hormonal imbalance through medicines.

Treatment for Hair Loss

Hair loss can not only reduce a persons looks it may result in low confidence. It is expected in today’s society that people will suffer from hair loss as they age. With an increased consciousness of appearance and a wish to appear youthful, this natural hair loss with age has become less desired. Unfortunately many people are also suffering from hair loss at an early age; this is common in both women and men.

Temporary measures used to be the only solution for hair loss sufferers. These temporary measures included the use of wigs, fancy hair styles and spray on hair in order to camouflage hair loss. These techniques used to be satisfactory in today’s society they could never replace actual hair and the feeling of normality. Fortunately for all there is now hair loss treatment available in many forms. These developed treatments can attack, treat or avert hair loss.

When taking into consideration which hair loss treatment is appropriate for yourself you must first determine the primary cause for your hair loss. There are many websites online offering quiz’s to help you determine the primary cause of your hair loss. There are three major causes of hair loss: Natural, Lifestyle and illness related. Each cause of your hair loss will be treatable in a different method. The three main causes of hair loss are listed below along with potential treatments.

Natural Cause – Hormones

Women often suffer from hair loss when their hormone levels differ due to pregnancy and menopause. Men will also experience hair loss due to hormone changes.

Treatment of hair loss due to hormone level changes is in the form of hormone replacements or alternatively time and patience. When your hormone levels are back to normal after pregnancy you will see increase levels of hair growth. Testing your hormone levels allow you to keep your levels on track so that you can avoid hair loss during menopause.

Hair Loss Due To Lifestyle- Poor Nutrition

Nutrition is a vital part of leading a healthy lifestyle. A lack of Iron and Protein plus other nutrients can result in hair loss. By consuming a balanced diet you are capable of solving your hair loss issue due to poor nutrition. As soon as you resolve you eating issues and lead a healthier lifestyle you will see a decrease in your hair loss and increased hair growth. Vitamins and minerals are crucial for your body’s well being.

Illness Related Hair Loss and Hair Loss Treatment- Diseases

When suffering from diseases such as Lupus, Syphilis and Cancer you may suffer from hair loss. Once cured from the illness you may see an increase in hair growth but unfortunately a lot of the medication used to fight these diseases may also cause hair loss. There are now many natural hair loss treatments available to help you fight hair loss as a result of disease. There are a lot of natural hair loss treatments which use natural ingredients such as Saw Palmetto or Dong Quai which are DHT blockers.

These are just a few of the underlying reasons for hair loss. As well as natural treatments there is now laser hair treatment, the most famous one being Advanced Hair. Although Laser hair replacement can lead to good results it can also be very invasive and pain full. When deciding on the hair loss treatment for you, make sure to check the ingredients in a treatment as well as side effects.